Monthly Archives: August 2015

Do Pictures Tell Stories?

As a rule of thumb, including one’s photograph in a CV is not a requirement. Is it advisable to include it anyway? I, for one, think not. When recruiters scan CVs, they form a mental picture of the candidate based on what is written – academics, accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, etc. Including a photograph creates a ...continue reading

HR Trends in Pakistan 2015

In 2015, HR practitioners in Pakistan are expecting to transition from a conventional, administrative role to one that involves strategic planning and development. HR trends expected to gain traction in Pakistan in 2015 include: 1. Performance management. Annual appraisals, which are entrenched in corporate structures within most organisations, will be a thing of the past. ...continue reading

Basics of Online Jobs Searching

Online job search engines have transformed the way people contact potential employers. The process of applying for a job through these engines is often as easy as uploading a resume or pasting your professional details into an online form. However, with automation, it is easy to forget the basics. Here is a look at the ...continue reading