Monthly Archives: June 2016

Be An Employee Centric Manager

According to research conducted by Gallup International last month, which surveyed over 25 million employees across 149 countries – including Pakistan – 63% of working professionals are ‘disengaged and demotivated’. Since past research studies have linked low morale with reduced productivity, one of the big challenges for managers is to ensure an involved workforce. To ...continue reading

What is Talent?

How much weight do recruiters give to degrees, GPAs and name-brand institutions over other attributes? Is there a pecking order at work where graduates of top-tier schools gain preference over others? Do we let raw talent escape by faulty screening criteria? Unfortunately, the situation has already been compounded well before we reach the recruitment stage. ...continue reading

Increasing Productivity During Ramazan

According to a survey published by the BBC, as well as a study conducted by the Cairo Institute of Social Sciences, employee productivity during Ramazan decreases by 50%, thereby affecting organisational performance negatively. So no wonder that one of the biggest challenges for organisations during Ramazan is to maintain employee productivity despite reduced working hours ...continue reading

On Probation

An increasing number of organisations in Pakistan place new employees on a ‘probation period’ which usually lasts between three and six months. During this time, managers assess new employees’ competency levels as they perform their tasks. If a new employee’s performance is satisfactory during this period, s/he usually becomes a permanent one. Organisations usually have ...continue reading