Career Advice

What is Talent?

How much weight do recruiters give to degrees, GPAs and name-brand institutions over other attributes? Is there a pecking order at work where graduates of top-tier schools gain preference over others? Do we let raw talent escape by faulty screening criteria? Unfortunately, the situation has already been compounded well before we reach the recruitment stage. ...continue reading

Planning A Career Gap?

According to Dan Celements and Tara Gignac, authors of Escape 101: The Four Secrets to Taking a Sabbatical or Career Break Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind, a career break (extended time off from work, usually lasting anywhere between six months and two years) helps employees to face challenges better, solve problems and be ...continue reading

CV Writing Tips For Today’s World 1 Comment

The objective of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is to inform potential employers about your academic, professional and personal experience. More importantly, a CV must answer two significant questions: ‘What does my CV offer to the employer?’ and ‘Why should an employer pay me the salary I deserve?’. Given that a CV has about six to ...continue reading

Do Pictures Tell Stories?

As a rule of thumb, including one’s photograph in a CV is not a requirement. Is it advisable to include it anyway? I, for one, think not. When recruiters scan CVs, they form a mental picture of the candidate based on what is written – academics, accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, etc. Including a photograph creates a ...continue reading