HR Technology

4 Questions For Effective Appraisals

Most employee performance reviews take place once a year and require managers to evaluate their subordinates on a battery of skills and their accomplishments from the preceding year. This practice is widely accepted as an essential and valuable tool throughout the business world. However, the reality is that the traditional annual appraisals practised by a ...continue reading

HR Metrics For 2016

Management experts in Pakistan believe that in 2016, HR Departments will be able to add even more strategic value to their organisations if they utilize the following HR metrics (tools that use concrete data to analyse and forecast workforce trends). If you are an HR professional, here are four metrics you should think about in ...continue reading

HR Trends in Pakistan 2015

In 2015, HR practitioners in Pakistan are expecting to transition from a conventional, administrative role to one that involves strategic planning and development. HR trends expected to gain traction in Pakistan in 2015 include: 1. Performance management. Annual appraisals, which are entrenched in corporate structures within most organisations, will be a thing of the past. ...continue reading

Basics of Online Jobs Searching

Online job search engines have transformed the way people contact potential employers. The process of applying for a job through these engines is often as easy as uploading a resume or pasting your professional details into an online form. However, with automation, it is easy to forget the basics. Here is a look at the ...continue reading