Succession Planning

In today’s changing business world with new technologies, new opportunities and plenty of uncertainty, succession planning is all the more important. CEOs and senior managers have begun to realize that succession planning is not a luxury that a few multinational organisations can indulge in. It is a necessity for all organisations that seek continued success. ...continue reading

Turn Your Team Around

Although leader-driven teams or self-directed teams enhance creativity and productivity, whenever you bring together people with varying personalities, backgrounds, expertise and experiences, conflicts are inevitable. If you are a team leader, factor in the following to prevent and resolve in-group conflicts: 1. Select the ‘right’ team. If you hire a team in which members complement ...continue reading

Be An Employee Centric Manager

According to research conducted by Gallup International last month, which surveyed over 25 million employees across 149 countries – including Pakistan – 63% of working professionals are ‘disengaged and demotivated’. Since past research studies have linked low morale with reduced productivity, one of the big challenges for managers is to ensure an involved workforce. To ...continue reading

Women As Leaders 1 Comment

According to Alexia Parks, author of Hardwired: The 10 Major Traits of Women Hardwired By Evolution That Can Save The World, “Women are hardwired by evolution with the traits of being a great leader; they are naturally compassionate and have a more collaborative, mentor-oriented approach to leadership.” The leadership traits that enable women to influence ...continue reading