Management Theories

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As an HR manager in today’s talent-driven economy, you are constantly challenged to acquire and manage talent to fill vacancies in a business niche, or positions requiring a ‘mix’ of skills. You may be frustrated by not being able to get the ‘right’ talent on board, or find yourself bogged down by recruitment costs, often ...continue reading

Measuring Talent

Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management once said: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Since acquiring, managing and retaining the right ‘talent’ is the topmost priority for most organisations today, this quote takes on special meaning and to this end, talent metrics (indices that quantify and measure the value of talent in organisations) ...continue reading

Social Media at Work

Research conducted earlier this year by David Maxfield (author and management coach) and Mike Rognlien (Learning and Development Manager, Facebook) has revealed that social media has untapped potential in the workplace for HR practitioners, thereby negating the common perception that “using social media at work is a waste of time.” Here is how you can ...continue reading