Three Essential HR Roles

In his book Human Resource Champions (1991) Dr David Ulrich, management coach and author, wrote about the need for HR professionals to step out of their traditional record-keeping roles if they want to become key players in organisations and drive business success through the strategic use of the workforce. To do so, HR practitioners in ...continue reading

Increasing Productivity During Ramazan

According to a survey published by the BBC, as well as a study conducted by the Cairo Institute of Social Sciences, employee productivity during Ramazan decreases by 50%, thereby affecting organisational performance negatively. So no wonder that one of the biggest challenges for organisations during Ramazan is to maintain employee productivity despite reduced working hours ...continue reading

Make The Most Of Your Time Off 1 Comment

Whether you are a fresh graduate unable to find work in your field of interest, an experienced professional who is unemployed, or simply a dissatisfied employee with vacation days at your disposal, here is how you can use your free time to prepare for your next career move: Prepare. Pursue an academic degree or a ...continue reading