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About Us

Welcome to Dawn Careers, the dedicated jobs website of the Dawn Media Group

Dawn has been a leader in recruitment and job seeking across Pakistan’s print media for decades. This success story has now been brought online to expand the scope of our operations for the digital age.

With an existing audience comprising high quality jobseekers, we only list the highest caliber vacancies in sectors that span: Media, Education, Government, Corporate, Multinationals, Banking, Secretarial, Charities, Marketing, Social Care, NGOs and Arts among others.

Dawn’s print legacy and our ability to drill down on the digital front to match just the best jobs to job seekers is our defining quality.

How does Dawn Careers work?​

There are many ways you can use Dawn Careers to find open vacancies.

Jobs by Email

Subscribe to Job Alerts, simply click the link on Dawn Careers homepage and enter your active email address for subscription. You will shortly receive an email confirmation and regular email alerts on timely basis.

Upload CV

Our Candidate database lets you upload your most recent CV (or import an existing online CV) as well as fill in a skills-based form. This ensures the vacancies we send you match your skills and experience.

Hot Match

When you upload a CV at Dawn Careers, you can choose to subscribe to our Jobmatch feature. Jobmatch allows recruiters to contact you by email with relevant vacancies that match your profile, career goals and background.

For further information please email dawncareers@dawn.com

Dawn Careers takes active steps in maintaining the privacy and protection of its jobseekers.