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Dawn Careers is an English careers portal from Pakistan, updated round the clock with the latest jobs – an ultimate destination for job seekers and recruiters that brings with it decades of print legacy.

It has an affluent and loyal audience of quality job seekers and recruiters, offering the highest caliber job vacancies in sectors that include Media, Education, Government, Graduate, Secretarial, Charities, Marketing, Social Care and Arts among many others.

This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique, otherwise unreachable audiences.

Advertisers can also reach engaging, active, and tech-savvy job seekers and recruiters by advertising on the Dawn Careers Platform.

Advertising Opportunities

Dawn Careers is now designed to offer highly result-driven advertising programs.

Our innovative advertising options offer premium exposure to a high purchasing-power audience on the internet. We offer content that is highly engaging and relevant to users, giving advertisers the ability to market their brand to an audience that matters.

Ad types and Specifications

All available advertising placements follow the guidelines and best practices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Leaderboard 728x90 
Wide Skyscraper 160x600
Medium Rectangle 300x250

Image Formats

GIF static image (.gif)
GIF animated image (.gif)
JPEG image (.jpg)
Flash movie (.swf)

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Please contact us at digitalbd@dawn.com